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Yelagiri Hills is for easy-paced, relaxed weekends; an ideal getaway from the hustle, bustle and madness of the city. No Internet, no mobile phones and no deadlines. Just relax! Put your feet up; catch up on some reading in this quiet environment, where the only sound you'll hear is the chirping of birds. You are the master of all that you survey.

At Yelagiri, you can do just about anything you want. For instance, you could trek up those rugged hillocks or go on long walks through narrow roads, explore the green surroundings of this rural retreat. Or perhaps you'd like to head towards the lake nearby for some leisure boating or just squat on a bench in the adjoining children's park and watch the kids play away to glory.

Yelagiri Hills encompasses a total area of just 30 sq kms and an altitude of approximately 3500 feet. Therefore, the climate is rather moderate, and an evening breeze that can get a bit chilly (especially after a few showers), considering that the hills have a fair amount of forest cover.

An advantage is that Yelagiri Hills isn't infested by touristy-types, who prefer hill stations with swanky shopping malls, plush restaurants and stuff like that. It's peaceful and quiet out here in these remote surroundings. Chances of bumping into your neighbour are perhaps one in a million.

What makes Yelagiri Hills an ideal weekend getaway is it's proximity from Bangalore or Chennai; just about 3-4 hours. So, an early morning start can get you to Yelagiri by about 10 in the morning and if you leave the next day just after lunch, your home by nightfall.

The main town of Yelagiri Hills is called Athanur - the nerve-centre of sorts - which is just one long, winding road through the hills, pocketed by isolated villages and thatched dwellings on either side. This is in fact, agriculture country. The tribal who live around these parts make their livelihood from the proceeds of agricultural products such as jackfruit and honey.

Tourism is a far cry presently; but there is evidence that Yelagiri Hills is getting popular. There's a flip-side too. So long as commercialization doesn't happen, Yelagiri Hills will remain a serene retreat for weekend getaways.