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Wardha is a city that is located in the Wardha district of the state of Maharashtra and the city is located to the South of the River Wardha. The new city was founded in 1866 and it is a relatively modern place. The city is known for its cotton production. However there have been settlements in the regions for many centuries and the area was ruled by many kingdoms such as the Satavahanas, Mauryas, Sungas and Vakatakas and each have left their mark on the place. The place has subsequently been ruled by Muslim Dynasties and finally by the British Empire. There are many interesting places that one can visit in the city of Wardha.

The city was an important part of the independence movement and Gandhi’s Ashram is located in the city as well. This Ashram has now been converted to a national institute and it is worth visiting. There is a spinning wheel that was used by Gandhi and his spectacles can also be seen in this place. The Ashram also has a chronographic collection of photos that depict the life of Mahatma Gandhi. The nearby city of Sevagram is known as the as the sister city of Wardha and their histories are entwined..

Wardha district is located on the north-eastern side of Maharashtra state. The district formed part of the Nagpur district till 1962 ; subsequently it was made a separate district.

Wardha district lies between 20° 18’ North and 21° 21’ North latitudes and 78° 4’ East to 79° 15’ east longitudes.

It is bounded on the west and north by Amravati district on the south by Yavatmal district, on the south east by Chandrapur district and on the east by Nagpur district. The boundaries with the Amravati and Yeotmal districts are identified by the river Wardha..