Juicy Mangoes, tongue watering sweets and plenty of beautiful springs Vijayawada, the third largest city of the state Andhra Pradesh in India and also known as Bezawada, is placed on the banks of the renowned River Krishna in the south, the Budameru River on the north, the Bay of Bengal in the east and Indrakeeladri Mountain in the west. Vijayawada, literally means place of victory, is a very important place in South India, having the credit of being the largest railway junction in South India. Vijayawada is located in the stretch of the Chennai-Howrah and Chennai-Delhi rail routes and national highways 5 and 9 also touch the city.

Mainly inhabited by agricultural community, plenty of canals going through this place irrigate the farm land throughout the Krishna delta. Vijayawada is a significant trade and commerce hub and an important administrative center of Krishna District. Vijayawada was an integral part of Vijayanagar Empire under the great king Sri Krishna Devarayar.

Vijayawada is mentioned in various legends and myths. It is believed that Lord Shiva blessed Arjuna, great warrior of epic Mahabharatha, locating at the top of a hill known as lndrakeeladri and Arjuna created Vijayawada. Another myth states that Goddess Durga relaxed in this holy place after destroying a Rakshasa and hence the name Land of Victory or Vijayawada. This place attracts lots of tourists, main tourist attractions are Undavalli Caves, Prakasam Barrage, Gandhi Stupa on Gandhi Hill, The Mogalarajapuram Caves and Kanakadurga Temple.