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t is very easy to forget visits to obscure places when you travel as a 6 yr old during the Christmas vacations. However, the memories etched on my mind of Vajreshwari, especially the hot springs never quite faded and kept on urging me for another trip to this beautiful place. If every winter morning made me long for the hot springs of Vajreshwari then every chaotic scene in the office made me long for the serenity of the temples and the peace and calm existing throughout the region with a violent volcanic past. The existence of 3 rivers Tejsa, Tansa and Surya in the vicinity adds to the tourism value of the place.
Vajreshwari finds a proud mention even in the ancient "Puran" (Hindu holy books) for being consecrated by the presence of Rama as well as Parshuram. Vadvali as it was known earlier, the place was renamed after reincarnation of Vajrayogini. There is also another story of the place being named after Vajreshwari when she swallowed the vajra (thunderbolt / power bolt) of Lord Indra when he hurled the same at the wise sage Muni Vashishtha..
Vajreshwari is mostly inhabited by the local Marathi community. Easygoing and docile the locals are always eager to help and even find time to accompany you to the places you are looking for. Typical Maharashtrian food as well as South Indian Fare is available at the local hotels. The specialty of the place, a frosty glass of Sugarcane juice is also recommended for the sheer energy that it seems to provide while entering the gut.
Vajreshwari is a small town situated at a distance of about 30k.m. from the Bassein (Vasai) Road Rly. Station on the W.Rly. There is an old temple of goddess Vajreshwari. The idol of the goddess is very impressive and is being worshipped for last few centuries. Worshippers believe that the goddess fulfills the wishes of devotees
Short distance away from this temple are the natural hot water springs. The springs, in all about 21, have a healing power in their hot water. It is said to have been due to the presence of Sulphur in the water. People believe that rheumatic disorders and skin diseases are cured by the water.
Ganeshpuri, a small township, where the famous Siddhapeeth Ashram, established by Swami Muktanand is quite near from these hot springs. The temple of Swami Nityanand, a great saint and sage who once had made this precinct as his abode, stands nearby the Ashram.
How To Reach :
By Road/Bus : Vajreshwari is well connected by Maharashtra State Transport Corporation buses to all major places in and around. Private bus operators also offer bus services from Mumbai to Vajreshwari regularly. The charge is about Rs 300.
By Plane/Air : Nearest airport is Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport which is at a distance of 80 km way from Vajreshwari. Mumbai is one of the major airports in India which is connected to all airports in India. Mumbai is air connected to many cities abroad, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, New York and many cities in Middle East. Pre-paid taxi services are available from Mumbai to Vajreshwari costing about Rs 1500.
By Train/Rail : Vasai Road Railway station is 31 km away from the city center of Vajreshwari. This railway station is well connected to Mumbai and other cities in India. Tourist taxi services from railway station to Vajreshwari city and it costs about Rs 600.
Best Time To Visit : Oct- - Mar


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