Vadhu Tulapur

Vadhu and Tulapur are the places related with Sambhaji - the son of Shivaji Maharaj. Sambhaji was killed in Tulapur and his samadhi was built in Vadhu. Thus, both these places are historically very important.

Tulapur is situated on the banks of 3 rivers- Bhima, Bhama and Indrayani. It is famous for the temple of Lord Shiva. In this temple - known as Sangameshwar, Sambhaji was arrested by Aurangzeb and was later killed. Tulapur was originally known as ' Nagargaon'. A small temple here is very beautiful and must see. And next to the temple, the samadhi of Sambhaji Maharaj is built. Really a place where we can remember the famous Maratha.

Vadhu is very near from Tulapur where the dead body of Sambhaji Maharaj was brought and then was cremated. So you can see the samadhi at both the places. An idol of Sambhaji Maharaj was put up in 1977 in Vadhu.
Both the villages of Tulapur and Vadhu are an important part of the Maratha history, despite being small villages.