Tung Fort

t is about 12 km from Malawli railway station and can also be approached from Lonavala. Tung Fort has an elevation of 1075 m above sea level.After the building of Pawna dam, it is now surrounded by water on three sides. One can ferry across in a boat from Pawna dam to its base village, Tungi.

Tung fort is also named as Kathingad fort. The word 'Kathin' in Marathi means difficult. While climbing, one can experience the difficulty of this fort. The fort is conical and has steep climbs with very narrow route on the edge of the mountain throughout. From Pawana dam, this fort offers a 400-metre climb.

From Lonavala, one can reach the base village Tungwadi around 20 km via Bushy Dam-INS Shivaji-Peth Shahapur-Tungwadi. From Tungwadi village, this fort offers around 300 metres climb.
The Tung fort is a tough and rough adventurous trekking destination. One can start trekking to Tung fort from Phagne Dam in Pawna River. The tung fort has already ruined and only the structure left was a temple dedicated to Devi Tungai. There are a lake and a cave at the fort region. From the pinnacle of the hillock, one can enjoy the majestic views of Laghghar and Visapur forts.