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Tonk is located 96 kms away from Jaipur. This is a quiet town which was ruled by 'Pathans' from Afghanistan. The focal point of Tonk is the Suneri Kothi, the Golden Bungalow. A fairly ordinary looking monument from outside, it has stunningly rich ornamental interiors. There are some interesting buildings that accommodated the British office. Tonk is also famous for its leather and felt industry and one can pick up a good bargain from the markets. The Nawab of Tonk was an avid book lover and built a sizable library of Arabic and Persian manuscripts. The Arabic and Persian Research Institute is also located here.
Nawabi Nagari 'Tonk' is famous not only in Rajasthan but also all over India for its historical legends. It is situated on National Highway No. 12 at distance of 100 kms from Jaipur. It is located in North- Eastern part of the state between 75.19' & 76.16 East longitude and 25.41' and 26.24' North Latitude. The total area of the District is 7194 sq kms. As per the history, Jaipur's King Man Singh conquered Tari & Tokra Janpad in the regime of Akbar. In 1643 twelve village of Tokra janpad given to Bhola Brahmin. Later Bhola gave a name to these twelve villages as 'Tonk'. It is surrounded by 5 districts i.e. in north Jaipur, in South Bundi & Bhilwara, in East Ajmer and in West Sawaimadhopur districts. Average rain fall is 62 mm. Agriculture and animal husbandry are the main occupation of the people.

The history of Tonk is very old as it is connected with Bairath culture & civilization. Tonk has been called Rajasthan ka Lucknow, Adab ka Gulshan, Romantic poet Akhtar Shreerani ki Nagri, Meethe Kharboojo ka Chaman, Hindu Muslim Ekta ka Maskan and as result of which Tonk could keep an isolated status in Rajasthan.

During the regime of Nawabs all the native were invited in a islamic function of Miladdunabi without caste,color and greed, which was organised by the ruling Nawabs for the period of seven days in the month of Rabiul Awwal,collectively with all zeal in Tonk.It is further important to mention here that the first founder ruler of Tonk was Nawab Mohammed Amir Khan. It is known as SAMWAD LAKSHYA in Mahabharat period. In the regime of Mouryas, it is under mouryas then it was merged in to Malvas. Most of the part was under Harsh Vardhan. As per HEVAN SANG, tourist of China, it was under Bairath State. In the regime of Rajputs, the parts of this state are under Chavras, Solankis, Kachvahs, Sisodiyas and Chouhans. Later, it was under the regime of King Holkar and Sindhia.

In 1806, Amir Khan conqurred it from Balvant Rao Holkar. Later, British government gained it from Amir Khan. As per the treaty of 1817, british government returned it to Amir Khan.