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Tiruchirapalli is shortly referred as Trichy. Trichy is located on the Cauvery river banks. Trichy is the fourth biggest city of Tamil Nadu. The early Cholas sited Trichy as their citadel.

Trichy gives an absolute combination of tradition and contemporary surroundings. There are several churches, colleges, missions, and temples dating back to 1700s. The town in Trichy was built by the Madurai Nayaks. Trichy is an eminent place as it has bestowed with impressive Tamil scholars who have contributed significantly for the Tamil literature. The festivals are celebrated with great pomp and grandeur. The holiness of this place can felt during each occasion.

Trichy is a flourishing commercial hub of Tamil Nadu. The rock fort is the landmark of this magnificent holy city. Trichy is popular for artificial diamonds, glass bangles, handloom cloth, cigars and clay toys.

Trichy is an industrial town with numerous industries flourishing such as BHEL, HAPP, OFT and Golden Rock Railway Work shop. It has spectacular monuments and temples making it a divine and pleasant place of visit.