One of the Eight Viraattanams (Avadharams) of Lord Siva. This temple belongs to Dharmapuram Aadinam (Mutt). This temple deities are sung by the three Tamil Trinities i.e, Appar, Sundar and Thirugna

Thirukkadaiyur is further purified by the holy trees like Pinchilam (2000 Years Old Tree) and Bael tree (Vilvam tree).

Before taking Amirtham from Paarkadal, the Devas and Asuras did not pray the first God Vinayaga (Lord Ganesha). He got angry and had stolen the Amirthakalasa and hided it somewhere. It later on became Siva Lingam and hence the Moolavar is known as Amirtham + Kadam and briefly known as Lord Amirthakadeswarar

God Vinayaga has hided the Amirtha kalasam. Hence he gets the name Kallavaaranam. The famous votary of Lordess Abirami, the Abirami Butter has sung Pathigam and Andhadhi on the first God Kalavaranam. It has its own significance

The Lordess Abirami has come as Amman Sakthi from Lord Mahavishnu's ornament (necklace).

Thirukadaiyur is the place where Lord Shiva has bestowed immortality to Sri Maarkandaya and best owed with Ever Sixteen Age (16). For example Lord himself killed the God Yaksha (Yaman) and saved his votary’s life. He has also bestowed yama with the Absolution for the sake of the Goddess Bhumadevi.

Here the Lord killed Yama, for the sake of his votary and has known as Lord Mirthunjayamoorthi. Hence, people perform Shastiapthapoorthi at the begininning of 61st Age of their Star Birthday, Bheemaradha Shanthi at the beginning of 70th Age of their Star Birthday and Sadabishegam at the beginning of 80th Age of their Star Birthday. Other important functions take place here are Ayush-Homam for Children to remove the future Astrolgical difficulties arising from Navagrahas. If anybody is suffering from serious disease and is in the verge of their lives, Mirthunja-Homam is performed here to Lord to save their lives and to relieve them from all illness. This is a proven fact.

It is the place where two out of the 63 Naayanmars Viz., Gungiliya Naayanar and Kaari Naayanar were rendering services to get the blessings of the Lord.

During the Rule of the King Saraboji, Lordess Abirami, for the sake of her votary Abirami Butter, has thrown her stud (Thaadangam) towards the sky during the new moon day. The stud later become round shaped and the new moon day turned into a full-moon Day (Pournami). The votary Abirami Butter has sung the famous"Abirami Andhadhi" praising Lordess Abirami to save him from death, sentenced by the King. Lordess Abirami excused the king and gave her blessings to the votary. This historical story further blossoms Thirukadaiyur.

In the Tamil Calendar, during the month of Kaarthigai (Viruchiga Month), on each and every Monday during Somavarams, the Priests performs "Sankaa-Abishegam" with 1008 Sankus to the Deities for get the blessings for the welfare of the people.

Another famous ocassion is "Yama-Samharam" which takes place annually during the first month of the Tamil year Chithirai (Mesha Month) during Magam Star. This is being celebrated as Lord Shiva killed Yama, in order to save the life of his votary Maakandeyar.

Thirukadaiyur has its own significant plance in the History of TamilNadu and is one of the ancient temple in the place.