Temblai Temple

Temblai is a small hill having temple of Goddess "Renukadevi" and other small temples. Renukadevi has graced the temple on a lofty hill to the east of Karveer. There was a tank named 'Tarka Teertha' near, which is available to some extent even now and is called 'Takala'. The original Mandir is small and the idol is self-created. The idol has four hands and is of black stone. The idol poses with back turned to Mahalaxmi Mandir. She is also called 'Trayamali'. She is the spot of devotion of many Karveerians. In every Ashadha the religious ceremony of pouring water on the steps of the Mandir is celebrated on a grand scale. There is Yamai Mandir also. A statue of Shivaji Maharaj is raised by the Devasthan Committee. A huge Idol of "Ganpati" is situated at the center of the hill-top. A small garden is developed for visitors. Every year during the month of "Shravan" a one day celebration known as "Tramboli Yatra" takes place. People from Kolhapur and all other regions come to visit this place during this time. During Navratra Utsav procession of "Mahalaxmi" is carried from Ambabai Temple to Temblabai Temple. It is said that Goddess "Renukadevi" & "Mahalaxmi" are sisters. During the war against devils "Renukadevi" help "Mahalaxmi" but after the victory "Mahalaxmi" didn't gave the due respect which made "Renukadevi" angry and thus She came and settled at Temblai Hill. An interesting fact related to this story is that the Idol of "Mahalaxmi" faces West where as that of "Renukadevi" faces east. This hill gives a beautiful pictorial look of Kolhapur city. Many activities such as Laughing Club etc. also function from this place.