Tapovan literally means precincts reserved for meditation and penance. There is such a precinct for penance ahead of Panchavati and hence was named Tapovan. The sages used to meditate in close proximity with the lush green nature. Laxmana - brother of Rama - used to stay here and had cut nose of Shurpanakha - sister of Ravana. This place has temples of Laxmana and Hanuman. Even today, this locale captivates mind because of Godavari’s silently gurgling stream, long stretch of green woods and closeness to jungle’s flora and fauna.

A cavernous fissure on boulders along the riverbed is called Brahma Yoni. Very close by, is the Kapil Tirth. On the right bank of Godavari, there are eleven rocky cavernous spaces where rishi-munis must have been retreating for sacraments. There are temples of Gopalkrishna and Lakshmi-Narayan and the famous Goshala (cow-shed) was built here in 1904. In ancient time, this land was made sacred by the touch of Lord Rama’s feet.