The region of Jammu and Kashmir has many tourist destinations, most of which serve as summer resorts for people who travel up north from the subcontinent so that they can beat the heat. There are hill station that bustle with activity, lesser known smaller hill stations where you can spend quiet times and even eco villages now, with the villages of Sana and Sar. These two villages in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir have been named after two local lakes in the region. The region of Sanasar is located at an altitude of around 2050 metres and the place is well known for the many adventure sports organized there. Sanasar is a haven of adventure enthusiasts, as many activities like paragliding can be followed here.

You can go paragliding in the region of Sanasar, as joyrides are available here. You can either cling on to a parachute with a pilot or you can go solo. The ride is extremely safe, and the duration lasts from one to two minutes. You can opt for a higher spot too, where you’ll glide down 1500-2000 feet over ten minutes.

Rock climbing is another popular activity in the region. You can also camp out or go abseiling, or trekking is also an option given the numerous trek trails there including Surni Kund, Ladoo Ladi, Shanta Gala and Shank Pal.