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Patna, a beautiful city on the banks of holy river Ganges, is famed as the capital of the state Bihar. This city in the north-east region of India has been continuing as a vibrant trade centre for many agricultural products including rice, sugarcane, sesame, wheat and oilseeds.

In ancient period, it was a serene and beautiful small hamlet a small hamlet fortified by the king Ajatashatru, a hero of ancient Indian history. Historically known as Pataliputra, Patna had praise worthy history, tradition and culture. It was ruled by many famous kings from well known dynasties including Maurya Dynasty. This ancient hamlet has many names under the rule of many dynasties. Patna was known as Kusum Dhvaja, Pataligrama, Azimabad, Padmavati and Pushpapura during ancient times. Under the rule of Maurya Kings, this beautiful town was in the pinnacle of its period. During this golden period many renowned personalities including famous astrologists and scholars Ashvaghosha, Vatsyayana, Chanakya, Aryabhatta, Sthalabhadra and Panini lived here.

Patna is a modern city with many infrastructure facilities for trade, industry and tourism. It is the political centre of state as well as neighboring states like Jharkhand. Patna is known for the educational facilities as well. Patna University, established in 1917 is a good example of high end educational facilities.

Deepavali is celebrated here with pomp and show. Chhath festival, the main religious festival and ceremony, is celebrated for six days after Diwali. Patna is a famous tourist and pilgrimage destination. There are many eye catching attractions in and around Patna. These include Har Mandir Takht-a Sikh shrine, Pathar Ki Masjid, Shwetambar Temple, Martyr's Memorial, Sher Shah Suri Masjid, beehive shaped Golghar and many museums displaying cultural and traditional artifacts. Khuda Baksh Oriental Library with many valuable books, rich collections of rare Persian and Arabic manuscripts and paintings is a worthy place to visit in Patna.