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Palwal is a city and a municipal council. It is the headquarters of Palwal district, the 21st district of Haryana state in northern India.

It is situated at a distance of 60 km from Delhi on the Delhi-Mathura highway. The latitude of the town is 28° 40' N and longitude is 76° 59' E. The area of town is 22.10 km²

It is a place of great antiquity, supposed to figure in the earliest Aryan traditions under the name of Apelava, part of the Pandava kingdom of Indraprastha, which was later restored by Vikramaditya. Its importance is mainly historical, but it is a centre for the cotton trade in the area. It is the site of a Hindu temple called "Panchvati" which is a great symbol of the religion. Mahatama Gandhi was arrested for the first time at the Palwal station. Palwal Station Have Highest Numbers Of Platforms(8) In Whole Haryana.
Palwal used to come under the Punjab Province and also constituted a portion of the Gurgaon district during the British Raj. In 1857, during the mutiny against the British, there was involvement of a large number of people from this area. From this place, 17 people in addition to Hayat Ali and Khairat Ali died for the cause of Indian independence. From his house, Hayat Ali was taken into custody and was sent to Delhi, where his execution took place by hanging. In addition to this, the British gave the sentence to hang his other male family members. Issuing of many arrest warrants were released.

Nazeer Ali was saved by Tahsildar Palwal, who pretended to be a bangle seller, gained entrance to the Hayat Alis house and concealed him in a bangle covered basket. During this time the age of Nazeer Ali was only 2 years. In the forest of Nageena, which is close to Palwal, the boy was left by Tahsildar Palwal. The female family members of Hayat Alis family followed him wherever he was going and ultimately reached the forest. The child was then rescued from the forest by the female family members of Hayat Ali. With much vigilance, the rescue party and the child reached Tijara in the end. Iradat Ali bin Rustam Ali was one of the 17 people who were executed by hanging in Palwal. He was Hayat Alis daughters husband. Iradat Alis brother Karamat Ali was capable of saving his own life and escape from Pinangwan, upon the attack by the British in Pinangwan to go after Hayat Alis other family members. Karamat Ali escaped to Tijara. Afterwards he took the name of Zamin Ali.

A new Faridabad District was created on 15th August, 1979, upon the splitting up of Gurgaon District. Palwal, at this time, became a component of the newly formed district. on 15th August, 2008, eventually Palwal was given the status of a full time district and thus became the 21st district of Haryana.