Narsinha Wadi

In ancient times, there was a thick forest here. Narasinha Saraswati Swami is one of the 16 descents of Lord Datta. Kurundwad was his spot of penance. Wadi has during 1034-1982 tradition of Ramchandra Yogi, Narayan Swami, Mouni Maharaj, Tembe Swami & Mhadaba Patil whose tombs are seen. The original Mandir on the confluence of the Krishna Panchganga has a tradition of 500-600 years.

In the daily routine from the dawn. "Maha-pooja with eating leaves and golden crown is worth-seeing. Exept Chaturmas (4 Rainy months) every night the palanquin is taken out before which various hymns are sung. The auspicious, religious atmosphere created is impressing.

The Mandir is managed by Devotees' Mandal under West Maharashtra Devasthan committee. There are shops with Datta Cult-things & sweet marts. Saint Eknath got the Ghat built as per Paithan's. On purnima & Kanyagat big fairs are held. It is 40 Kms. from Kolhapur. Adilshaha was a devotee and donated lands. Yearly 10 Lakh visit. There is Gram Panchayat and facility of conveyances.