Narnaul is an old city which dates back to the time of the Mahabharata and Ramayana. The old town has many ancient buildings and temples that have tested the sands of time. The Dhosi hill which is located around 8 km from the city is famous for being the origin of the famous Chyavanprash which is health product that is widely manufactured today.

Naranul is home to many tombs and historical sites that date back to the Mughal dynasty as well as the Rajput dynasty. The princes of Jaipur and Patiala also ruled the city after the fall of the Mughal Dynasty. Some of the interesting sites around the area are Tomb of Pir Turkman, Jal Mahal, Chor Gumbad, Tomb of Ibrahim Khan Sur, Chatta Rai Bal Mukund Das, Modawala Mandir, Tripolia Gateway, Chamunda Devi Mandir, Khalde Wale Hanumanji, Modawala Mandir, and many other old buildings and palaces.

There are many architectural influences in the city. Travelers can find a mix of Mughal, Rajput, Persian and British influences. Some hybrid styles are also visible in the city. Many of the buildings are still in use and most of the tombs which were built between the 12th and 16th century is still in good condition.