A sleepy, picturesque village in the backdrop of the majestic Sahayadri mountains Narayangaon is located in the outskirts of Pune district of Maharashtra. Narayangaon is a synonym for vineyards and it is the backbone of the wine industry in India. Visiting the vineyards is not only enchanting but also so tempting that one could not withstand the desire to pluck some fruits from the grapevine. Vast expansion of green creepers with full of ripe fruits is a spectacular scenery. Apart from this, the vineyards are located in a pollution free zone, where the atmosphere is totally virgin. A serene, calm and quite ambiance surrounds the entire locality. The grape fruits will dance to the tunes of the gentle breeze that blows through the nearby mountains. It is sure that these vineyards will inspire every visitor and it is a perfect location to have a weekend tour. Narayangaon is also renowned for the famous folk art, 'Tamasha'. Gifted with natural beauty, Narayangoan is gaining the status of a fast emerging tourist destination. The serene, calm and fresh environment of Narayangaon is a perfect respite for all, who are tired of the hasty life of the cities. The town is a burst of fresh air and tranquility.