Nandurbar is a city that is located in the Nandurbar District of the state of Maharashtra. The place gets its name from a King who was known as Nandraja. He was a part of the Gavali Kingdom. Traces of these kingdoms can be seen in a few places in and around the city. The city is a historical place and there are many places that one can visit in the nearby areas as well. Manik Chowk is a memorial for a student who was murdered by a British Inspector and this is one of the most visited sites in the city.

There is a hill station that is located nearby called Toranmal and this is one of the most popular places in the region. Dakshin Kasi is an important religious site that is located in the Nandurbar district and many devotees and pilgrims can be seen in the place. The place is also known as Prakasa.

There are many temples that are located in the nearby regions one can visit them while travelling to the city of Nandurbar. Some of the temples are Narayan Pur, Toranmal Shiva Temple, Dattatreya Temple and many others. There is a fort that is located in a nearby area called the Akka Rani and this is also an interesting place to visit.
Before 1st of July 1998 Nandurbar was part of the larger Dhule district. Nandurbar, Dhule and Jalgaon districts formed what was known as the Khandesh district. Dhule was known as the west Khandesh whereas Jalgaon was known as the east Khandesh. So, much of history applicabe to Khandesh and Dhule, is applicable to Nandurbar.

Prior to 1906 Dhule, Nandurbar and Jalgaon district were together known as Khandesh. According to some followers khandesh means the country of Lord Krishna. In the year 1906 from administtrative point of view khandesh district was bifercated in two districts namely East khandesh and West khandesh having Jalgaon and Dhule as district places respectively. Later on the names of East Khandesh and West Khandesh district have been changed as Jalgoan and Dhule District respectively, Further on 1st July 1998 Dhule District was bifercated in two district namely Dhule and Nandurbar. Nandurbar is also known as Nandanagri as the king Named Nandaraja was the ruler of this territory.