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A nondescript locale in the outskirts of Rajagriha, Nalanda in Bihar represents a glitzy visage of Indian renaissance. A hot seat of knowledge and learning, Nalanda boast of a rich culture and tradition that has gained accolades world wide. Established in the 5th century, the ancient University of Nalanda flourished under the patronage of the various rulers. This tiny village was the favourite place of Lord Buddha and Mahavira who had lived here for several years.

There is a fabulous legend behind the name Nalanda, which narrates how this village got its name. It goes like this that the place where the monastery was going to be constructed was the abode of a serpent and while digging the foundation the serpent got injured. The clairvoyants of that time observed that the monastery that would have been constructed in that place would be renowned for a long. Later this Monastery turned to be a great institution of knowledge, whose unparallel credentials gave it a unique seat in the entire history of the nation.

To the outside world, Nalanda still beckons the remains of this residential school of bygone eras. But it is not just the remnants of a great institution that Nalanda offers to its visitors. Apart from the ramparts of ancient monuments and Buddhist shrines, this historic place offers some of the popular pilgrim centers and holy spots.

A place that carries the rich history, tradition and culture of a great nation Nalanda proffers some unique experience to the visitors. A visit to this tiny hamlet is just like going back to the ancient times. While roaming through the ramparts of stupas, monasteries and viharas one would feel they are walking through the doorsteps of various centuries. It is a must visit place for those who are proud of being a part of such a great culture and interested in knowing the colourful incidents of the past.