Nabagraha Temple

Assam is a north eastern state of India. Besides the scenic beauty of the hilly region and the lush green landscape, there are a number of tourist destinations in the state. The temples in Assam are occasionally visited by the devotees. These temples in Assam are also important as tourist spots. Nabagraha Temple is a popular temple in Assam.

Among the temples in India, the Nabagraha Temple is an important one, as it is associated with the ancient studies in India. The Nabagraha Temple is built near the capital city of Assam, Guwahati. The distance of the temple from the railway station is only three kilometers. The temple is located on the Chitrachal hills in Assam.

The word Nabagraha refers to the nine planets of the solar system. There are nine lingas inside the Nabagraha Temple that represent the nine planets or grahas of Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and other planets. The two other planets of Ketu and Rahu were added later to this group of planet. The temple is thus also known as a temple of the nine planets. In ancient India Astronomy and Astrology was studied in this center. The city of Guwahati is often called by the name of Pragjyotishpur. The name means a city that is associated with Astrology. The Nabagraha Temple in Assam, can be reached by road, rail and air. The tourists coming to this part of the state, never miss to pay a visit to this ancient temple

Nabagraha Temple Photos