Mukhalingam is a famous tourist destination located in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The town is also called as Kalinganagara by the locals, and this is mainly due to its historical importance and influence. The town of Mukhalingam was the cultural and main capital of the Eastern Ganga Rulers.

Home to a very famous temple that is frequented by tourists across the country, Mukhalingam is a famed destination among the pilgrims as well. You can take a trip to Mukhalingam in order to immerse yourself in the sublime spiritual aura in the town, and can visit the famous temples of Mukhalingeswara, Someswara and Bhimeswara. The temples are all prime examples of the Orissa style of architecture followed by kings in the line of the Kalinga Dynasty. The temples in Mukhalingam are richly crafted symbols and structures of a bygone era, and adventure and history buffs will find these buildings and structures extremely interesting.

The first temple in the town on Mukhalingam is dedicated to the deity Mukhalingeswara. The second temple in Mukhalingam is dedicated to the deity Someswara, and is an architectural masterpiece. The temple is filled with exquisite sculptures and carved out arches and doorways. The third temple in the town of Mukhalingam is dedicated to Bhimeswara, and this temple is quite plain and subtle in its design.