Modakeshwar Temple in Nasik is an ancient temple of Lord Ganesh facing the east. This temple is located on the Asarachi Ves which is a road towards the cemetery from the Ramkund. The name 'Modakeshwar' is supposed to be derived from one of the popular Maharashtrian dishes, named as 'Modak'. Modaks are made from jaggery as well as coconut and thought to be the much loved dish of Lord Ganesh. This temple is very famous in the Nasik city and the presiding deity is said to be self emerged, known as 'Swaymbhu'.

An idol of Lord Ganesh in the Modakeshwar temple also has an original shape of a Modak, so the name Modakeshwar. The owner of this temple is Vilas Kshemkalyani. Keshavrao Kshemkelyani, ancestor of Vilas, once in his dream, saw Lord Ganesh at this place and after coming there, he truly found the idol of Swayambhu Ganapati. Since then, the Kshemkelyani family is looking after this temple. All the Nasikites have immense faith in the divinity of Ganpati as it is also believed that Lord Ganesha answers the prayers of his devotees.

During Bhadrapada, Ganesh festival is celebrated in the Modakeshwar Temple all through ten days. This temple has also lent true holiness in the surrounding area which was once considered to be very ghastly. But nowadays, this area has a humming along with lots of activities.