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Mewat district is one of the districts of the state of Haryana. It lies between 26 degree and 30 degree North latitude and 76 degree and 78 degree East longitude. Mewat - land of the Meos, has its genesis in its tribal inhabitants, the Meo tribals, who are an agricultural people.

The area is a distinct ethnic and socio-cultural tract. The Meos, who trace their roots to the early Aryan invasion of Northern India, call themselves Kshatriyas and have preserved their social and cultural traits to a surprisingly large extent, unlike the other tribes of nearby areas. During the reign of the Tughlak dynasty in the 14th century A.D., these people embraced Islam but till today, they have maintained their age-old distinctive ethno-cultural identity.

Mewat is a region of Rajasthan and Haryana states in northwestern India. Mewat's boundaries are not precisely determined, but generally include Alwar, Bharatpur, and Dholpur districts of Rajasthan, and Gurgaon and Faridabad districts of Haryana. The region corresponds to the ancient kingdom of Matsya, founded in the 5th century BCE. Mewati is the chief language or dialect of the region.
The Meo tribals were agriculturists by profession. These tribal residents gave birth to Mewat, which is known as the Land of the Meos. The region is considered to be a diverse racial and socio-cultural zone. The Aryan moved to northern part of India in the ancient time. The origin of the Meos can be tracked down to this initial Aryan immigration. Named Kshatriyas by themselves, the Meos were successful in conservation of majority of their social and cultural tradition and customs, whereas the neighboring regions tribes were unable to do so. These people have retained their ancient ethno-cultural identity, although in the 14th century BC, during the Tuhglak dynastys rule, the religion of Islam was welcomed by the people residing here. During the entire part of the post-Vedic Period, severe unrest and turmoil took place in here. Constant invasions of this region result into major plundering activities. The regions odd location and also the non-conquering outlook of the inhabitants were major causes for these invasions. Poor improvement and lack of progress of the region and its people are caused by the utter demolition and wreckage done over hundreds of years.