A great city that bares a history of so many centuries, Mathura in the State of Uttar Pradesh is mainly regarded as the birthplace of a most benevolent lord of the Hindu Pantheon. A sacred town with an array of holy shrines and sacred kunds, Mathura boast of numerous legends and myths, which has gained deep-rooted beliefs in the people.

The most holy city of the Vaishnava cult, Mathura welcomes the visitors with the countless tales of the blue god. Each and every spot in this miraculous city has some connection with the most humane incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The serene banks of the river Yamuna and its holy Ghats attribute the religious fervor of the city to a great extent.

British called Mathura as Muttara and the Greeks gave it the name Modoura, the literal meaning of the word is ‘city of gods’, a sobriquet well suited to its serene ambiance. Though this city is linked mainly with the fable and cult of the Krishna, it is as sacred as to the Jains and Buddhists also.

Since Mathura is the holy abode of lord Krishna, city’s festivals unravels Krishna’s life from his childhood to adulthood. All festivities and fiestas are centered round the blue god and to the Maduraits celebrations of every kind is an auspicious occasion to pay reverence to the blue god. During Holy and Janmashtami, the city is thronged with exuberant artistic performances.

Though the city has been severely attacked by the Muslim invaders, the monuments and buildings exhibits a unique mix of Hindu and Muslim architecture. With its enchanting holy shrines and serene spots this habitat of Lord Krishna would proffer each visitor with a new vigor and energy.