Main Road Ganapati

This temple, which celebrated its centenary seven years ago, belongs to Damodar Vishnu alias Damu Anna Dongare. Born in a family of scholars in Vedshashtra, Damu Anna was very knowledgeable in medicine and also in music - he himself was a tabla player. The property on which this temple stands today, belonged to Damu Anna and there was a lovely garden watered from the well in the backyard. Once during meditation he sensed a divine directive to build a Ganapati mandir. Same night, he caught a burglar trying to break open a jeweller’s shop across the street. The jeweller offered to give a prize of Damu Anna’s choice. Damu Anna asked him to donate a marble deity of Ganesh and the jeweller very happily complied with the request. Thereafter this temple was constructed where Damu Anna’s love for music is nurtured even today. Bhadrapad and Maghi festivals are celebrated as also every Chaturthi, concerts are held in the temple. As you turn from Mahatma Gandhi Road to Main Road near Ravivar fountain, you come across this temple on your left. Long and wide main hall, a pretty idol and old glass chandeliers impress you instantly. The Ganesh idol faces the east.