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The town of Madhubani is located in the Indian state of Bihar. This town is located in a district of the same name and this district is mainly famous for the many scholars who are locally from here. There are many important tourist destinations in the town of Madhubani, and you can visit these during your trip to the place.

This small town is famous for an art form that originated from the region. Madhubani is also a haven for people who are interested in history and religion, as many ancient temples and structures are present here. The Somnath Mahadev temple in Madhubani is a very popular tourist destination, and an annual sabha is held in this temple where many marriages are negotiated.

You can also visit a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva at Madhubani. This temple, also known as the Kapileswarsthan Temple, attracts many tourists during the festive season. A huge fair is organized here during the time of Maha Shivratri, and this is a very good time to visit the place, although it might be crowded.

You can also visit a temple dedicated to Bhagwati during your trip to the town, and the temple of Ugaranath is also a very popular tourist destination.