The city of Latur is a well known tourist destination in the state ofMaharashtra. Its many places of attraction make this city a tourist stronghold in the region of southern Maharashtra, in the Latur district. While in Latur, you can pay a visit to the Siddheshwar and Ratneshwar temple that is located at a distance of around two kilometres from the city. Constructed by King Tamradwaj, this temple is popular among pilgrims and is a must visit location for architecture buffs. 
You can also visit the Ganj Goli, which is a circular structure located bang in the middle of the city. This circular structure has a temple that is dedicated to the Goddess Ambabai. This circular structure is connected to around sixteen roads in the city. 
While in Latur, you can also visit the Kharosa caves that are located at a distance of forty five kilometres from the city. There are many sculptures that are housed in these caves, and some of them are carved out figurines of Shiva, Parvati, Ravan, and Narasimha. 
Another important must visit place is Ausa, which is located at a distance of twenty kilometres from the city of Latur. This region houses a very ancient fort, also called as the Ausa fort, which, lies in ruins now. Ausa also houses a very old temple built by Mallinath Maharaja for his father Virnath Maharaja.