Kushmeshwar, also known as Ghushmeshwar or Grishneshwar, is a temple town and pilgrim destination located in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The town of Kushmeshwar not only attracts pilgrims into its fold, but is also a major tourist destination as many travellers and tourists flock to this town during festival season in order to catch a glimpse of the cultural scene here. Kushmeshwar also attracts history buffs and architecture enthusiasts, as the temples located here are ancient and are marvellously constructed.
Kushmeshwar is ideally located in central Maharashtra, so the place serves as a base for many other destinations of importance as well. The main attraction in Kushmeshwar is the Grishneshwar temple located in this town. This temple, which is dedicated to the chief deity Lord Shiva, is a famous temple and one among the twelve jyothrlingas, which are must visit locations for all Hindus in India. The temple is always crowded and bustling with activity for this purpose. The temple was reconstructed by Ahilyabai Holkar in the 16th century. 

While in Kushmeshwar, you can also visit the famous Ajanta and Ellora caves, which lie near the region. These caves feature ancient monuments that were cut out of rock, during the 1st millennium CE.