Bhagavan Pushkareshwar-visited Kotiteerth:
'Karveer Mahatmya': Part 10. Sage Agasti told Lopamudra about it. It is also called 'Pushkareshwar Teerth.' Ancient king Bhanudas is mentioned to have bathed and washed away his sins in this tank. 33 crores of Gods 5 demons had a terrible fight in this city. The Gods were defeated and only a crore survived. As per their appeal, Laxmi, with 9 crores female friends, defeated the demons. The Gods bathed in the tank which was named 'Koti-teerth' as per demons demand. This is 3 miles far from the Mahalaxmi Mandir, to the east. Original Mandir is very small with natural scenery around. It is customary that a pilgrim should first bathe in the tank and then have Darshan of the 'Pindi' which is black & fine. The interior is 6'x 6'. Usually, worship, Aarati, prayer are done. In these premises attendance of many devotees for diverse reasons is seen.