Kolli Hills

Kolli hills are located in the Eastern Ghats in the State of Tamil Nadu. The hills are located in the Namakkal District and are also a place of untouched beauty. Kolli Hills are yet to be commercialized and they are a good option. The highest point of the Kolli Hills can be reached through the road which has 70 hair pin bends. The highest point of the hills is around 1300 feet. The main attraction in the Kolli hills is the water fall. There are other interesting places to visit such as the Arapaleeswarar Temple and other small temples.

Kolli hills have many spots that are good for trekking and nature walking. The surroundings forests are lush green and have a pleasant climate. There are many tribal populations that can be seen in the Kolli Hills and there are many plantations and cultivated areas in the hills. Some of items that are cultivated are jackfruits, coffee, spices and pepper. The mountain also has religious significance for many people and the old Shiva Temple that is located in the hill is believed to be around 2000 years old.

There are a few resort and hotels that are available in the Kolli Hills. There are a few scenic spots that are being developed in the area and this is being done to promote tourism.