Also called Point Calimere, the Wild Life Sanctuary here spreads 333.3 Sq Kms with 25 Kms of tropical dry evergreen forests. It is bounded by Bay of Bengal on the East and Palk Straits on the South. It is situated South ofVelankanni.

One can see mammals like bluebuck, spotted deer, wild boar, semi wild ponies, bonnet macaque: water birds like flamingoes, ibises, herons, spoonbills, olive ediely. Sea turtle, starred tortoise, vipers, marsh crocodiles, etc. are some of the endangered reptiles.

There are also many species of marine animals and flora. This spot offers different kinds of land mass from marsh to wetlands, Backwaters to lake. It is open throughout the year from 6.00 a.m. to 6.00p.m.