The Kopeshwar, Ancient & artistic temple situated on the bank of Krishna river, is a fine example of ancient sculpture. It was built in 11-12 century by Shilahar. In the interior you see first Vishnu(Dhopeshwar) and Shivling facing north. But there is no nandi who has separate Mandir. Separate Actor-Pendal, hall, old pillars,carvings of gods & male-female artists in various poses are attractive. The ceiling is semicircular with matchless engravings. On the outside complete 'Shivaleetamrit' is carved When sati Parvati jumped into Daxa's sacrifice, Lord Shiva was angry. He got peace of mind in this temple. From entrance to Shivaling, we feel peace, coldness and dark. In Shravan, on Monday & Shivratri the mandir is crowded. The palanquin celebration is simply spectacular!