Khammam is a town that is located in the Khammam District of the State of Andhra Pradesh. The town is located in the North Central part of the State and has a rich historical significance. The town is located in the banks of the River Munneru which is one of the tributaries of the Krishna River. The town is famous for its Narasimha Swami temple that is located on top of a hill. The temple is believed to have been built many centuries ago. The town was initially known as Kammamet and the name of the town has been mentioned in many ancient writings. The Stambahdri festival is held in the city of Khammam and is one if the attractions of the place. Many people of the nearby areas visit the city to witness the festival.

Some of the important tourist destination in Khammam and the nearby areas are the Khammam Fort, Papi Hills, Madhira, Neeladiri, Lakaram Lake, Nelakondapali, Paranasala, Bhardrachalam,

Dhanavayagudem Botanical Gardens and the Stambhadri Narasimha Swamy Temple. Visiting the banks of the river might also be a good option, as you can also go boating. There are many other old buildings that are located in the city as well.