Keeriparai is a natural forest area that is located in the southern part of Tamil Nadu. Keeriparai is located near the city of Kanyakumari and is accessible by road. Keeriparai is known for its natural habitat and the Keeriparai falls is one of the most visited places in the area. The entire are is surrounded by lush green forest and can be visited throughout the year. Keeriparai is known for the wide variety of fauna and flora that can be seen the forests. The forests are home to many animals such as leopards and elephants. It is possible to see some of these animals in certain areas of the Keeriparai forest.

Keeriparai forest is also known for its different varieties of medicinal plants that are used in Siddha Medicine. The forest is also a haven for nature walkers and trekkers alike. Many small streams and rivers can be seen running along the forest tracks. This is a perfect place for a day trip and the untouched beauty of the place serves to rejuvenate both the body and the mind. Keeriparai is one of the few well preserved forests that can be seen in the South of India. There are a few villages that can be seen nearby as well.