Kashi Vishweshwar

It stands previous to the compilation of 'Karveer-Mahatmya'. It is in the premises of 'Ghati-Darvaja' to the north of Mahalaxrni Mandir. The 'Pinda' (round-oblong stone) is called Kashi Vishweshwar. The 'Karveer-Mahatmya' says that it was visited by sage Agasti, Lopamudra, King Pralhada & King Indrasen Formerly, before the Mandir there were two holy tanks-Kashi and Mani Kamika, of which Manikamika is completely drained, and upon it the corporation has started a garden (Mahalaxmi Udyana) since 1962, While the present condition of Kashi Kund is very pitiable. The interior of the Mandir is 10' x 10'. It is said that in the outer small Mandap there is an ancient cave meant for meditation. In the entrance part there are idols of Ganapati, Tulsi etc. Adjacent is a small temple of Jotiba. This Mandir might have been built during 6-7 A. D., King Gandvadix extended it. Ghati Darwaja, Kartik Swami, Shesha Varma, Navagraha Mandir belong to the same period.