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Karnal is one of the historical districts of Haryana. The district is located between 29° 09'50" and 29° 50' north latitudes and between 76° 31'15" and 77° 12'45" east longitudes. The district's headquarter is at the Karnal city. Divided into two subdivisions, the district has an area of 1,967 square kilometers and a population of 8,85,000.

Karnal is famous for its shoe making industry, agricultural research institutions and its finest agricultural product, Basmati rice.

Karnal district has rich historical connections making it a tourists' paradise. Kalander Shah's tomb and the Karna Tal are two of the many tourist attractions.
The town of Karnal is located in the Indian state of Haryana, in the Karnal district. This region is very famous for its many tourist destinations and monuments. The entire state of Haryana is a paradise for tourists, given its strong cultural ties and historical relevance. In the town of Karnal, you can visit many sites like Kalandar Shah’s tomb, Kos Minar, the Karan Tal, and Babar’s Masjid.

The Karna Tal is one of the must see locations in the region of Karnal. This is a huge tank that’s named after Raja Karna, who is a prominent figure in the Mahabharata. It is said that Karna, who was known for being noble and selfless, gave away alms in gold to the people in this very spot.

You can also visit the Pukka Pul, which is located at a distance of seven kilometres from the town of Karnal. This is a shrine where major events are held during Thursdays, and for this reason, this shrine is very famous among the local populace. You can also visit Kalandar Shah’s tomb in Karnal, and this structure is made of pure marble. The complex also houses a mosque within, built by the emperor Alamgir. Miran Sahib’s tomb is another famous destination which also has a mosque in its premises.