Karimnagar is a town that is located in the Karimnagar District in the State of Andhra Pradesh. The town is an important business center and recently it has witnessed an increase in infrastructure. The town is also known for its many educational institutions and is fast emerging as a center for education. Karimnagar is an old town and has been established many centuries ago. The area was ruled by the Satavanahas and also the Kakatiyas. There are few remaining traces of these famous kingdoms that can be seen in the area. An excavation at Koti Ligala which was the capital of the Satavanaha Kingdom has revealed many coins that were used during the period.

The area was also under the rule of the Nizams and there are interesting sites that can be seen in the town. The town was an important center during the period of the Nizams. Some of the places to visit in the area are, The Elgandal Fort, Tower Circle, Kaman Circle and a few other places. The Elgandal Fort is located around 12 km from the town and can be reached by taxis and buses. There are many temples that are located in the town and these are decorated with bright colors during the festive seasons.
Karimnagar's early history is dominated by the famous kingdoms of Srinivas & Kakatiyas. Koti Lingala in Karimnagar was the first capital of the Sathavahanas before Dharanikota. Excavations at Koti Lingala revealed coinage of Simukha, a Satavahana emperor. Karimnagar was originally called Kareem Nagar, deriving its name from Syed Kareemullah Shah Saheb Quadri.

It was one of the regional capitals during the rule of the Nizam.[4][5][6] It has many historical monuments such as Tower circle, Kaman circle and Elgandal Fort which is 12 km away from the town of Karimnagar.

Several famous people such as P.V. Narasimha Rao, former Prime Minister of India.Cingireddy Narayana Reddy - Poet and writer, Vemulawada Bheema Kavi, Prof G Ram Reddy served as an Chairman of the University Grants Commission, 1st Vice Chancellor of IGNO, Vice Chancellor of Osmaniya University and Father of Distance education in India, Paidi Jairaj Dadasaheb Phalke Award winner, Fayaz mostly known for his style hail from Karimnagar. Karimnagar is famous for silver filigree work, a very delicate form of metal craft. Karimnagar is the fastest growing city in Telangana region.