One of the favorite spot for paragliding activities, Kamshet is a renowned hill station located at a height of about 2200 feet above sea level. It is a picturesque tourist destination in the Western Ghats in the state of Maharashtra in India, enclosing small villages with thatched traditional houses.

Kamshet makes a perfect spot for holiday activities with lusting greeneries, serene lakes and undulated hilly terrains. Paragliding activities rule the area with many tourists reaching this place to experience the wonderful opportunities of adventurous sport. This is a much sought place for joy rides, tandem flights and cross country flights as well apart from paragliding. Kamshet is spotted as one of the great adventurous places in India and is placed among the top 10 destinations.

The amazing hilly terrains of Kamshet are credited with many ancient caves which displays the artistic and cultural heritage of the region. These caves are Buddhist caves with adorning sculptures and images of Buddha. Tourists can visit the ancient cute and imposing small mounts used by the colonial rulers and hill fortresses dating back to medieval period along the routes to Kamshet.  

Kamshet is a serene location with traditional gaiety and is really an imposing destination for all kinds of tourist, especially to those who love nature and adventurous paragliding activities. To experience the village life in India and to rejuvenate the mind and body senses, Kamshet is one of the best options. One of the larger lakes in this region Vadivali Lake is placed in Kamshet which is a natural hamlet of many bird species. A unique guest house with a grandeur view of the pristine Vadivali Lake is a great to have accommodation in Kamshet.