Kalinjar town and fort was of strategic importance during medieval times. It is located in an integral part of Bundelkhand, called Jejakbhukti. From the 9th to the 15th centuries, the Kalinjar fort was a Chandela stronghold and did not lose its importance upto the time of the Mughals. Finally, Akbar conquered it in 1569 and gifted it to one of the "nine jewels" of his court, Birbal. Later, it went to the legendary Bundela warrior, Chhatrasal and Hardev Shah of Panna, before being sieged by the British in 1812. The Kalinjar township was once protected by ramparts pierced with four gateways. Three of these gateways exist even today. These are Kamta Dwar, Rewa Dwar, and Panna Dwar.