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The Jhajjar district of the state of Haryana was established on July 15th, 1997. Formerly a part of Rohtak district, the district headquarter is situated in Jhajjar town. One of the most developing districts of the state, Jhajjar is located very close to Delhi.

The Jhajjar district has a total area of 1983.90 square kilometer and a population of 8,87,392 out of which 78.2% comprises of the rural sector. The district is divided into two subdivisions, Jhajjar and Bahadurgarh. There are 134 post offices, 74 branches of different banks and four main railway stations in Jhajjar District. Another railway track connecting the head quarter is on the plans. The district has 905 kilometers of total road length.

Jhajjar has a great historical background with connections to various periods of the Indian history. The district's economy is equally balanced with industrialization and agriculture. The basic industries of the district are ceramics, chemicals, glass, electrical engineering and electronics. The total industrial area sums up to 946.04 acres of land.

The overall topography of the area consists mainly of alluvial plains and undulating dunes at some places. The sub tropical climate witnesses heavy rainfall during July to September. Kharif and Ravi are the main crops under which bajra, jowar, barley, wheat and sugarcane are grown.

Jhajjar encompasses 7 degree colleges, 60 senior secondary schools, 200 high schools, 102 secondary schools, 492 primary schools and one 'Navoday' school. Jhajjar has several places of tourist importance with Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary leading the list.
Jhajjar is one of the 21 district of Haryana state, India. Jhajjar district, Haryana was carved out of Rohtak district on July 15, 1997. The district headquarter is situated in Jhajjar town at a distance of about 65 km from Delhi. The town is said to have been founded by one Chhaju and Chhajunagar was changed to Jhajjar. It is also derived from Jharnaghar, a natural fountain. A third derivation is from Jhajjar, a water vessel, because the surface drainage of the country for miles around runs into the town as into a sink. Other towns in the district are Bahadurgarh and Beri. Bahadurgarh was founded by Rathi Jats and formerly known as Sharafabad. It is situated 29 km from Delhi and had developed into an important of industrial centre.