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Ghansawangi is a Tahsil place in Jalna District. From the broken tanks and numerous dislapidated tombs which surround it, Ghansavangi appears to have been a place of much importance in the olden days. In the north-west is a large open plain where at one time it was contemplated to station the Hyderabad Subsidiary Force. An annual fair is held in honour of Narsimha. The village has a post office, educational facilities upto the middle school stage and a medical dispensary. Weekly market is held on Saturday. Wells are the source of drinking water.

Ambad is a municipal town and Tahsil & it appears that once it enjoyed great prosperity, the marks of which are still seen in the decayed stonebuildings and ruined walls and gateways. A local tradition ascribes the foundation of the town to a Hindu Raja by name Amba Rishi who being weary of the cares of running the Government went and settled in a cave in a hill to the east of the town. This site is now occupied by a shrine dedicated to goddess Matsyodari, so called because the hill resembles the shape of a fish (matsya). It is believed to be one of the oldest temples in the region. A largely attended annual fair is held at the temple in October.