Jain Temple

One of its types in Kerala, also known as Chandranatha temple the Jain temple is located on the western side of Palakkad. This historic temple is of 32ft long and 20ft wide made of granite. It displays images of the thirthankara Jain and Yakshinis. It is the one of the few places in Kerala where Jainism still prevails. The location of the temple is accordingly known as jainimedu. The legendary poet Kumarananshan believed to be created his epic poem veenapoovu here. This temple is built about 500 years by Inchanna Satur, for the jain sage Chandranathaswamy. This area was once occupied by more than 400 jain families whose number is very scarce now. There is four division sin the temple, 1st of an idol of Chandranthan, 2nd of Vijayalakshmi Nathan 3rd of Rish abha and 4th of Padmavathi.