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Details : Haryana is a state in Northern India. The state shares its boundaries with Rajasthan in the south and west, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab in the north, and the territory of Delhi in the east. The capital of Haryana is Chandigarh and it is also the capital of the neighboring state of Punjab. However, the biggest city of the state is Faridabad. The state was formed on November 1, 1966.

Area and population of Haryana
The total area of the state is 17,070 sq miles or 44,212 km2 which makes it the 20th biggest state in India by area. As laid down by the census performed in 2011, the population of the state is 25,353,081, making it the 16th most populated state in India. The density of population in Haryana is 1,485.212/sq miles or 573.443/km2.

Geographical features of Haryana
Haryana is a non-coastal, interior state. It is located at an altitude of 200 meters to 1200 meters or 700-3600 feet over sea surface. Geographically, the state can be divided into the following regions:
The Shivalik mountain range in the northeast The Yamuna-Ghaggar basin, creating the biggest portion of the state The Aravalli mountain range to the south Semi-arid sandy plateaus in the southwest
Haryana is a state in northwest India between 27 deg 37' to 30 deg 35' latitude and between 74 deg 28' to 77 deg 36' longitude and with an altitude between 700 to 3600 ft above sea level. Haryana was carved out of the Indian state of Punjab on 1st November 1966. It is bounded by Uttar Pradesh in the east, Punjab in the west, Himachal Pradesh in the north and Rajasthan in the south. The river Yamuna acts as the eastern boundary between Haryana and the states of Uttaranchal & Uttar Pradesh. The state is divided into four divisions for administrative purpose - Ambala, Rohtak, Gurgaon and Hissar. There are 19 districts, 47 sub-divisions, 67 tehsils, 45 sub-tehsils and 116 blocks. Haryana has a total of 81 cities and towns. It has 6,759 villages. An area of 1,553 is covered by forest. Haryana has a network of 43 tourist complexes, named after birds. These have been set up along the national / state highways and at districts, towns and at places around Delhi. Haryana has a network of educational institutions. There were 10399 Primary Schools, 1792 Middle Schools and 3838 High and Senior Secondary Schools functioning during 1998-99 in the State. Presently, there are four Universities and 214 Colleges with 161 Colleges of general education and 53 institutions exclusively for women in the State. As compared to All India Average of literacy rate of 52.21 per cent Haryana's literacy rate is 55.85 per cent. With just 1.37% of the total geographical area and less than 2% of India's population, Haryana has carved a place of distinction for itself during the past three decades.
Country :  India
Continent :  Asia