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Hosur is an old town that is located in the State of Tamil Nadu. Hosur is in the Krishnagiri District and is also on the border of Karnataka. The town is located very close to the city of Bangalore and most of the buses from that ply from Tamil Nadu to Karnataka pass through the Hosur road. Hosur is located around 40 km from the city of Bangalore and it is easily accessible from both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Hosur is a special economic zone and is also an up and coming manufacturing industry town. Hosur is also known as an agricultural town and it has an excellent climate.

Archeologists have found many Neolithic, Monolithic and Paleolithic sites in Hosur and it is among the oldest inhabited places in the State of Tamil Nadu. There are many cave paintings and carvings that have been found in the town of Hosur and it is an interesting place to visit. There are many interesting sites, buildings and temples that can be seen in Hosur and the town is also famous for its excellent golf course. The Hogenekkal Falls that is located near Hosur is also another interesting place to visit especially during the winter season.