Guntur is a city that is located in the Guntur District in the State of Andhra Pradesh. Guntur is located 64 km from the Bay of Bengal and has good access to most of the major cities in the State. Guntur is a well developed city and it is considered a center for learning. There are many monuments such as the Amaravati, Sitanagaram and Bhattiprolu that can be seen in Guntur. Guntur is known as major center for textiles and transportation. Guntur and the nearby areas have many Buddhist influences and it is said that Buddha performed the first Kalachakra in this region. The earliest known rulers of Guntur are thought to be the Pratipulapra Kings. There are many references to Guntur in some of the ancient Sanskrit texts.

Guthikonda caves and Stinagaram are some of the interesting places to visit in the Guntur region. They are believed to be old and there are references to them in Vedic Puranas. Hyder Ali and the Nizam of Hyderabad ruled the city before the European colonial powers arrived in Guntur. Guntur was the French capital for a brief while. The city has a mix of urban and regional life style and there are many resorts that are located a short distance from the Guntur city.