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The best way to know about the history of the place is through the district gazetteer. The district gazetteer of Gopalganj is not available but the one available for Saran gives an outline about the policing in the present area of the district as well. Gopalganj was carved out of the erstwhile Saran district in the year 1972 on the 2nd October. The available gazetteer of the year 1960 traces the history of policing in the pre-independence era as well as the period immediately after independence. It gives an outline of the change of role of police post independence and its importance in achieving the goals of a welfare state.

As far as the police organization is concerned, the set up at different periods is very interesting. In the year 1877 the erstwhile Saran district had only 10 police stations and the present district of Gopalganj was covered mainly by two police stations namely Barauli and Baragaon and was partly under Siwan.

By the year 1930 Gopalganj had become a subdivision supervised by a Deputy Superintendent of Police headquartered at Siwan.

This subdivision had the following police stations- Kateya, Kuchaikot, Baikunthpur and Barauli. However the other parts of this district were under Siwan subdivision covered by the following Police Stations – Gopalganj, Mirganj and Bhore. Though the subdivision was thus covering the present district only partly, by the year 1960 the erstwhile Saran District had just 5 circles each under the administrative charge of a circle Inspector of which Gopalganj circle having the above mentioned seven Police Stations is more or less of the present district area.Besides these police stations there was just one Town outpost attached to Gopalganj PS.

In the year 1972 , on 2nd October , Gopalganj became a full fledged district with Sri G.S.Aujla, IPS becoming the first Superintendent of Police on 12th October,1973. The district was having only one subdivision at that time, namely the Sadar subdivision. The number of police stations also remained the same till the year 1988 when a massive reorganization took place and the district got as many as 6 new police stations the names being Ucchkagaon, Bijayipur, Gopalpur, Bishambarpur, Mohammedpur and Manjhagarh. Three other police stations were created and the notification for the parent police stations reducing their area was issued but the notification for the newly created police stations could not be issued for some technical reasons which are under process. These police stations are Thawe, Sidhwalia and Jadopur The year 1991 witnessed a major change when a new subdivision was created from the erstwhile Gopalganj Sadar subdivision namely the Hathwa subdivision headquartered at Hathwa comprising Bhore, Bijayipur, Kateya, Uchkagaon and Mirganj Police Stations.

In the year 1998 another police station Fulwaria was created in this subdivision. Besides the police stations two outposts have also been created at various times. First was Sripur O.P. that started as an outpost of Mirganj PS and after the creation of Uchkagaon PS it became an outpost of the newly PS.

Further when Fulwaria PS was created it got tagged with the newly created PS once again!! The other outpost is Hathwa which is tagged to Mirganj PS and was opened when the subdivision of Hathwa was created in the year 1991.