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Gadag is a town present in the state of Karnataka and is a very important tourist destination famous for its many monuments. The town of Gadag is located in the Gadag district in the state. The town of Gadag is filled with printing presses and handloom cottage industries, apart from major historical sites and structures. .

Gadag was a major city in ancient India, under the rule of the Chalukyas. This explains the sheer number of temples and historical structures in the town of Gadag. Also, the architectural sites in the town of Gadag have a distinct style that can’t be seen anywhere else in the country. Thus, there is a separate section in the journals of ancient Indian architecture for the Gadag style of architecture. .

The Trimukteshwara Temple in Gadag is a very fine example of the Gadag style of architecture. The temple is a very complex structure and is popular among the tourists and pilgrims visiting the area. There are three major shrines in the temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and Lord Surya. .

There are many inscriptions in these historical sites in Gadag as well, and these can be literally translated to point out historical facts and events.