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Ferozepur, a district lying near Faridpur, is a city of antiquity. Its strategic presence near the border separating India from Pakistan has earned it historical importance. Founded in 14th century by Feroze Shah Tughlaq, this heroic city played a significant role in struggle for independence. It was at this place that martyrs Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Rajguru were cremated hastily in 1931. Several battles of freedom were fought here and a number of monuments were erected as a token of reverence to those who laid down their lives.
There are many memorials of freedom fighters that can be found in the city of Ferozpur. The Samadhis of these fighters are located near the Hussainwala Lake and this is one of the main tourist places in the city. Some of the notable memorials are for Bhagat Singh, Sukdev and Rajguru. Ferozpur holds a significant place in Indian history and one can see many different influences in the town of Ferozpur. The city also has many British influences as this was one of the main military strongholds. There are numerous temples and historical sites in the city.

One can also witness the changing of guards at the Indo-Pakistan border and this spectacle can be witnessed every evening. The Gandhi Garden, Shitala Mata Mandir and Harike Waterworks are the other important tourist places in the city. One can also visit the village of Feroshah located around 22 km away, where a museum is located.