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Faridabad lies at 28° 25' 16" N Latitude and 77° 18' 28" E Longitude. The district shares its boundaries with the National Capital and the Union Territory of Delhi to its north, Gurgaon district to the west and Uttar Pradesh to its east and south. Faridabad enjoys a prime location both geographically and politically.

Named after Baba Farid, Jahangir's treasurer and a Sufi saint, Faridabad is the most populated and the most industrialized in the entire state of Haryana and is home to 14,77,000 people.

At a distance of just 25 km from India's capital city of Delhi, Faridabad has well connected network of road and railways. Most of the South and West bound trains of India pass through the district and all the major towns are served by NH-2.

Wheat, pulses and commercial crops are products that contribute to the districts agricultural scenario. Electricity has reached practically every corner of Faridabad making it possible to highly mechanize this belt. About half a million people are employed in over 15,000 small, medium and large industries in this multifaceted land. Tractors, steel re-rolling, scientific instruments, power looms, agriculture implements, motorcycles, switch gears, refrigerators, shoes, tyres and JCB crane are widely produced in the district. Faridabad Heena is also a renowned production.
An industrial city of Haryana, it has been named after its founder, Shaikh Farid, the treasurer of Emperor Jahangir, in 1607 A.D. It was built in order to protect the highway passing through the town. As a town it housed a fort, a tank and a mosque, which unfortunately are ruins today. As of 15th August 1979, Faridabad became the official 12th district of the State of Haryana. The city of Faridabad started to grow slowly since this time more and more Pakistan refugees started to come in.

Faridabad was looked at as a place where work could be bounteous and an escape possible. Very soon, Faridabad was filing not only with Pakistan people but people of multi-languages and different races and religions. Presently, Faridabad stands as one of the main focal points.