Eluru is a city that is located in the Godavari District in the State of Andhra Pradesh. The city is located along the Vishakhapatnam to Vijayawada highway. The town has an extensive cultural history and there are many interesting sites that are can be visited in the area. Eluru was a part of the Vishunukundas Kingdom at a certain period and there are many old buildings that can be seen in the area. The Koleru Lake is a fresh water body that is located near Eluru and is an interesting place to visit. The town is known for producing some of the finest carpets and incense sticks. Many of these are exported to many parts of the country.

Eluru was known as Helapuri and was a part of the Vengi Kingdom that was a Buddhist Kingdom. There are many evidences of life that can be seen in some of the nearby villages and areas. Eluru was also a part of the Kalinga Empire and the Vijayanar Empire. The town was also ruled by Muslim Kings such as the Sultan of Golconda in the 15th century. Many British influences can also be seen in the area as it was ruled by them as well.